SNARE Technical Support

Submit a Request to the SNARE Support Help Desk Or call 720-209-3780

SNARE Alliance Online Help Desk is your point of contact for technical assistance. SNARE Alliance provides essential support services for customers and business partners, including technical assistance and product updates. SNARE Support is only available to customers with a current maintenance agreement. The SNARE Support Help Desk will advise you in advance if a support request falls outside the supported categories, and is therefore chargeable.

Your support request will be routed to a software support team member, depending on the nature of the request.

  • For routine queries, our software support team will attempt to answer your question as stated, or seek further information from you if necessary. In the course of providing these answers, we may provide an answer directly to you, refer you to product documentation or the online knowledge base . For complex questions, our support specialist may need to escalate the call to the SNARE development team. Once your query has been answered, the call will be closed, and the answer added to the knowledge base for future reference.
  • For program errors which relate to a known defect, our software support specialist will provide you with a patch or workaround, if available.

  • For potential program errors which do not relate to a known defect, our SNARE support team will attempt to reproduce and diagnose the problem, and provide you with a workaround if possible. For high impact problems, the team will endeavor to provide you with a patch as soon as possible. For problems of lesser impact, we will generally defer the fix to a future release. Because of the complexities of the environments supported and the development, verification and testing resources required, we are not able to state how long any particular defect will take to resolve.

  • For suggestions for feature requests or enhancements, your request is checked against our list of planned features, and as appropriate, added for future consideration. One of our software developers may contact you for further background to your suggestion at some time in the future.

  • For very complex questions, advice on performance and tuning, requests for consulting, or problems which do not relate to a program error in the source code, our SNARE support team will offer you a quotation for the work.