SNARE Server

The SNARE Server allows information security managers and system administrators to define, collect, index, track and report on events from SNARE Enterprise and Open Source Agents and other syslog sources. It can receive log data directly from Windows 2012, Linux, Solaris, and UNIX Operating Systems, Active Directory/Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP, Microsoft Exchange SMTP and IIS Servers, Routers, Switches, and Firewalls.

The SNARE Server is used to define, administer and monitor complex security objectives in an easy-to-use language and report on its findings in a simple manner. It provides a simple web interface to all objectives and allows custom configuration of SNARE’s monitoring capabilities. If your organization is subject to audit and compliance (PCI, SOX, HIPAA), the SNARE Server secures your event logs with encrypted log transport and time-stamped message files. Use the SNARE Server to centrally configure and manage your SNARE Enterprise Agents. 

 Complete SIEM functionality

 PCI compliance template

 Security alerts, analysis & reports 

 Archive, BC/DR your 3rd party SIEM/MSSP

 Reflect security events  to 3rd party SIEMs

The SNARE Server and Enterprise Agents provide the ability to monitor user and system activity on your devices and networks, validate your access controls and establish a searchable historical archive. The SNARE server tracks and monitors standard requirements such as logins/logoffs, password expiration, as well as unauthorized access to computer systems, sensitive files, account privileges and the Internet. In addition, network vulnerability assessment components can assist in the process of regularly testing your systems and networks for vulnerabilities which may affect PCI Compliance.

The SNARE Server also comes equipped with an array of security objectives that allow you to quickly meet security goals. The SNARE Server is issued as a software appliance, and does not require any specific Operating System, File System or DBMS skills to install and operate. It can operate on dedicated or virtualized servers, in an enclosed environment without the need for an external network or internet connection. 

Download SNARE Server Documentation and User Guides.

View SNARE Server – Data Source Compatibilities

View an Online Demo of the SNARE Server by going to: and entering the user name: SNARE_Admin and Password: Welcome2SNARE!