SNARE Server - Source Compatibilities

SNARE provides a central collection, analysis, reporting and archival capability for a variety of operating systems, appliances, and servers, including but not limited to:

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Windows Server 2012 - R2, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
  • Linux


  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft ISA Server
  • Microsoft IIS Server
  • Microsoft FTP Server
  • Microsoft Chat Server
  • Microsoft Proxy Server
  • IBM Socks Server
  • Apache
  • Squid


  • CISCO 6500 Firewall
  • CISCO Pix Firewall
  • CyberGuard Firewall
  • CheckPoint Firewall 1
  • Gauntlet Firewall
  • Netgear Firewall
  • Netscreen Firewall
  • IPTables Firewall


  • CISCO Routers / IOS
  • Netgear Router

Access Control Facilities:

  • ACF2
  • RACF

Custom Windows Event Logs

Nortel VPN devices

Point of Sale terminals (POS)

Lotus Notes

Network Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion Detection System (IPS/IDS)

  • Snort NIDS

Universal Log Format

Generic syslog Data

Other log sources that the SNARE Server can receive data from include:

ACF2 Log
Agent Heart Beat
AIX Audit
Apache Log
Checkpoint Firewall1 Log
CISCO Router Log
Content Keeper Log
Content Keeper Syslog
Curam Audit Log
Curam Authentication Log
Curam Authorization Log
Curam Op Audit Log
Cyberguard Firewall Log
Dhcp Server Log
Exchange 2008 MT Log
Exchange MT Log
Gauntlet Firewall Log
Generic Log
Generic Syslog

IIS Web Log
IPTables Firewall
Irix SAT
ISA Web Log
Linux Audit
Linux Kernal Audit
Lotus Notes Log
Microsoft Proxy Server
Microsoft SQL Log
Microsoft Windows Event Log
Netgear Firewall Log
Netgear Router Log
Netscreen Firewall
Nortel VPN Router
Lotus Notes Log
Object Access
ObjectStar Log
Oracle Log

OS400 Log

PIX Firewall Log

Point-of-Sale Log


Sidewinder Firewall Log

Sidewinder Log

SMTP Service Log

SNARE Server Log



Solaris BSM

Sophos Data Control Log

Squid Proxy Log

Tandem Log

Topic Log

Tru64 Audit

Universal Log,


Windows DHCP