SNARE Agent Management Console

SNARE’s Agent Management Console allows users to synchronize the configuration of SNARE Windows Enterprise Agents from a single point.

The SNARE Agent Management Console uses a “cloneable” objectives design that enables the user to pull the configuration from an existing compatible SNARE Enterprise Agent and push it out to other compatible Enterprise Agents, enabling a wider set of agents to be managed under a single objective. Other features include the ability to include specific hosts in the management functionality, regardless of whether they currently report log data to the SNARE Server, and limiting agents by hostname and version filters.


 Central agent configuration from central console

 Remote management of agents

 Autosync filters and objectives 

 Agent deployment inventory & license tracking

 Agent heartbeat & alerts

 Supports Windows, Epilog, Linux, Solaris, SQL 

The Agent Management Console allows an IT or network security manager or systems administrator to:

Pull the current configuration from a SNARE for Windows Master Agent to compare against the managed SNARE Enterprise Agent configurations, either by filtering agents that report event logs to the SNARE Server by hostname and/or version, or by specifying non-reporting agents manually by IP or IP range.

Specify the type of agent to be managed (to ensure configurations aren’t corrupted by passing the wrong configuration).

Establish a schedule to run the configuration check.

 Push the master configuration out to each of the managed agents to sync configurations against the Master Agent.

Send email alerts when agents are un-contactable and/or have a different configuration.

Download PDF : SNARE Server v7 Agent Management Console User Guide