Installing SNARE Agents

MSI Package – M.S. based deployment package.

SNARE for Windows Custom MSI : This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to create a Windows MSI file for SNARE, which will allow you to remotely deploy SNARE for Windows, with a customized configuration, using the Microsoft Installer (MSI).

Download or view the PDF for: SNARE for Windows Custom MSI version 1.6

Silent Installer – A SNARE feature built into the GUI installer which allows for large scale tem-plate based deployment. EG create a configure file. Our generally recommended approach for large scale deployments. Silent Install Setup Information File (INF): To silently deploy a completely configured agent, the installer requires the help of a Setup Information File, also known as an INF file. To produce a working INF file, follow these steps:

  • Install the SNARE agent using the Wizard.
  • Using the web interface, configure the agent's Network and Remote Control settings.
  • Configure one or more objectives.
  • Ensure you have administrator rights, open a command prompt and browse to the directory where SNARE is installed.
  • Run the following commands:
    • SNARECore.exe –x Export the information and error messages, along with the INF file contents to the screen.
    • SNARECore.exe -x “INFfile” Export the information and error messages to the screen and write the INF file contents to INFfile for use with the /LoadInf command line option.
  • Follow the prompts carefully and where required, enter the necessary password information for either the Service Account and/or the Sensitive Information encryption.
  • Note the Installation Password. The /SNAREPass command line option will accept this encrypted password and use it to decrypt the sensitive information in INFfile.

Command line options :
The SNARE installer has a number of command line options to support silent, automated installations:

  • /VerySilent The Wizard will be hidden for the duration of the installation process. Any message boxes will still be displayed.
  • /SuppressMsgBoxes Any messages boxes will be dismissed with the default answer.
  • /Log=”filename” Two log files will be create: filename and filename.SNARE.log. The Wizard installation log will be written to filename and a detailed SNARE installation log will be written to filename.SNARE.log.
  • /LoadInf=”INFfile” The INFfile is a template file produced by another SNARE installation. It contains all the necessary information to complete the installation and configure the agent for normal operations. See below for more details on how to produce this file.
  • /SNAREPass=”ZPass” For security reasons, some parts of the INFfile are encrypted and require a decryption password. ZPass is an encrypted version of the decryption password and is produced as part of the INFfile procedure.
  • /Reinstall Tell the installer to overwrite any existing installation.
  • /Upgrade Tell the installer to upgrade the existing installation. If no existing installation is detected, the installer will abort. This option will only upgrade the SNARE files, all configuration settings will remain untouched and the ”LoadInf” file will be ignored.

Silent Deployment: To install using the silent installer, ensure you have administrator rights, open a command prompt and browse to the directory where the setup program is stored. Using the “/verysilent” option, run the file:

SNAREForWindows-{Version}.exe /verysilent /suppressmsgboxes /LoadInf=”Settings.inf”

This will install the SNARE application with the options specified in the Settings.INF file and will not display any pop-up windows. This option is suitable for packaging and non-interactive installations.

Deployment: To push SNARE out to the end points, you can either use a 3rd party software deployment package or site specific scripts can be developed to push out the agent and config files. Once installed, the SNARE server, the silent installer or registry edits can be used to maintain and update the Enterprise Agent Configuration (filtering objectives)