• Do you manage large deployments of SNARE Open Source Agents?
    SNARE Open Source Agents are missing key security provisions
    that SNARE Enterprise Agents provide, including: TCP-IP for
    Guaranteed Event Log Delivery, Caching and Simulcasting
  • Do you need to meet an audit or regulatory compliance requirement
    and prove that you have protected personal, private, financial, strategic
    or sensitive data?
    SNARE can help you meet PCI, HIPAA, SOX,
    NERC and NISPOM compliance.
  • Do you want to be advised in real time of only very specific events of interest?
    SNARE can find and forward events with
    specific event ID’s at a very granular level.
  • Do you want to reduce SIEM or MSSP volume/storage-based license fees?
    SNARE Enterprise Agents ensure delivery of log data with
    TCP, Caching, Record Marking and Simulcasting.
  • - Do you want to reduce SIEM or MSSP software and storage license fees?
    SNARE Enterprise Agents filter event logs based on pre-defined criteria
    to reduce bandwidth and minimize storage-based license fees.

SNARE is a SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) Solution comprised of two separately licensed components – the SNARE Server or Agent Management Console and SNARE Enterprise Agents for Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Unix.  

SNARE Agents capture event logs from activity on Operating Systems, Active Directory/Domain Controllers, Workstations, Microsoft Exchange Message Tracking, SMPT, ISS, ISA, DNS, DHCP and SQL Databases.  SNARE Agents can filter and capture selected events that are deemed relevant to an organization’s security objectives, and simulcast to a multiple destinations, including the SNARE Server, a third Party SIEM and/or a syslog server.  SNARE Server can be the organization’s primary SIEM or strictly for Agent Configuration and Management (Agent Management Console), with or without redundant storage.

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