Learn about our most popular SIEM Agents, Agent management, and SIEM Server

 Compatible with all 3rd party SIEMS and MSSPs

 Windows OS, Epilog (IIS, DNS), Linux, and SQL agents

 Supports Windows 2012 R-2

 MSI GPO SCCM agent deployment tools

 Multicast to different ports & protocols

 Event Caching/TCP Confirmed Delivery

 Filtering/Verbose Truncation 

 Central agent configuration

 Remote management of agents

 Autosync filters and objectives

 Agent deployment inventory & license tracking

 Agent heartbeat & alerts

 Supports Windows, Epilog, Linux, Solaris, SQL

 Complete SIEM functionality

 Security alerts, analysis & reports

 Archive, BC/DR your 3rd party SIEM/MSSP

 PCI compliance template

 Reflect security events  to 3rd party SIEMs